• Peeps Democracy

  • Our vision

    We're committed to powering democracies, big and small, by combining the power of crowdfunding, tokenized incentives and blockchain-based voting to create powerful, effective communities.

    Fixing U.S. Politics

    Support Causes & Choose How the Cash is Spent

    We the peeps is putting our mission into practice by allowing anyone to convert their friends, family, and/or followers into effective and powerful interest groups for the political issues or causes that matter to them.

    Tackling Causes & Issues

    Raise Funds and Decide on Priorities

    We're building a decentralized autonomous organization platform, Peeps DAO, to allow anyone to build and run a digital political or nonprofit organization democratically and transparently on the blockchain.

    Better Organizations & Communities

    Transparent Democracy

    At our core, we're focused on empowering people to form democratic communities where decisions are made transparently using the power of the blockchain.

  • Our collaborators

    Committed to helping democracy flourish everywhere.

    Bill Warren

    Lead & Co-Founder

    Joshua Lapidus

    Business Development

    Alex Gaiser

    Full Stack Developer

    Corey Poff

    Technical Advisor & Developer

    Aaron Wright

    Co-Founder & Advisor

    Priyanka Desai

    Co-Founder & Advisor

    Mickey Costa

    Co-Founder & Advisor

    Matt Fiorillo

    Technical Advisor

    Chris Leishman

    Technical Advisor