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    We're decentralizing politics and mobilizing the crypto community
    to take 2020 by storm, focusing on how we can impact cannabis legislation

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  • About our Project

    We're mobilizing the crypto community to make a splash in 2020 (and beyond) 

    Plug into 2020

    A revolutionary way to get involved

    We're building the first set of political action DAOs that will operate as a 501(c)(4) with a sister Super PAC. Contributions to the DAO will fund lobbying, independent expenditures, and grassroots actions.

    Have a voice

    Take back control of politics

    As a contributor to one of these political action DAOs, you'll have a direct voice in strategy and what activities and initiatives are funded. To ensure effectiveness, we've partnered with veteran politicos.

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    We're doing special briefings on our project

    •  networking and community building 
    • outline plans for 2020
    • panels on crypto and cannabis 


  • Who's Invovled

    Until you also join the team...

    Bill Warren

    Peeps Democracy

    Bill Warren is the co-founder and CEO of Peeps Democracy where they're building tools to decentralize politics and using blockchain to return power back to the people.

    Matthew Ward

    64 Square Strategies

    Matt is a veteran political operative with a proven track-record of using super PAC and issue-based advocacy organizations to drive meaningful results for political donors.