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      We're committed to powering democracies, big and small, by combining the power of crowdfunding, tokenized incentives and blockchain-based voting to create powerful, effective communities...

      Tackling Causes & Issues​

       Peeps DAO to allows anyone to build a digital political or nonprofit organization that raises crypto and gives donors a voice in spending it.

      Save Together for a Goal

      We're building Pool Party to let you save for a shared goal or purchase with friends (or strangers) while each of you earns interest on what you save.

      We The Peeps

      Donate to a cause, vote on who gets the $

      Built for easier issued-based political donations with a twist--users donate to the cause / issue and then choose which politicians get the funds. Checkout it out with HODLpac.

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      Committed to helping democracy flourish everywhere.

      Bill Warren

      Product Lead & Co-Founder

      Joshua Lapidus

      Business Development Lead

      Alex Gaiser

      Full Stack Developer

      Corey Poff

      Technical Advisor & Software Engineer

      Aaron Wright

      Co-Founder & Advisor

      Priyanka Desai

      Co-Founder & Advisor

      Matt Fiorillo

      Technical Advisor

      Chris Leishman

      Technical Advisor

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